Hi, I'm Allan Baitcher. I'm am an appraiser & auctioneer.

Allan Baitcher's Bio:

Allan Baitcher is a world-record-holding auctioneer and antique appraiser with more than 30 years’ experience.  In addition to running a successful antique appraisal business, Baitcher frequently volunteers his time doing pro-bono antique auctions for non-profit organizations.  Baitcher is a licensed auctioneer who provides each non-profit with a successful, revenue-generating format that provide continual financial support.  His revenue-generating format allows the organization to grow their attendance and sponsorship revenue annually and allows communities to become involved and learn about the organization.  Baitcher performs each live auction pro-bono.  He has never charged an organization for his volunteer services and loves the opportunity to use his talents to help others.



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Antiques, Appraisals, Auctions, Auctioneer, Baggage Battles, Auction Kings, Antiques Roadshow